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Backyard receiving ongoing lawn mowing and maintenance around Westfield and Cranford, NJ

Westfield and Cranford Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Company

Your lawn will benefit from our mowing and maintenance services. Our crew offers routine weeding of your landscaping beds, trimming your hedges, cutting your grass, and more. We work with commercial and residential properties around the Westfield and Cranford, NJ area.

We keep your lawn looking its best with our mowing and maintenance services in Westfield and Cranford, NJ.

String-trimming, edging, and blowing are included in our mowing and maintenance services.

In order to keep the health and beauty of your lawn, it’s important to maintain it through consistent mowing and maintenance during the entirety of the growing season (typically April through November in New Jersey).

Our services are centered around such things as making sure that your grass is kept within an optimal height range, keeping weeds from establishing themselves within your lawn and landscaping beds, and other important maintenance tasks to help your lawn remain strong throughout the season.

Front lawn of a home around Westfield and Cranford, NJ, that has been mowed, blown, and weeded.

Mowing Service That Follows the One-Third Rule

All plants use a process called photosynthesis. This process involves the utilization of light energy to convert the water and carbon dioxide the plant absorbs, into nutrients for growth.

In order to help your grass to photosynthesize at its most efficient level, we follow what is known as the One-Third Rule, where we cut only the top third of the grass blade off during mowing. By mowing your yard in this fashion, the grass is kept at a consistent height, which allows for an even distribution of sunlight and nutrients. The end result is a thicker and healthier lawn.

However, the overall height of the grass depends upon the type of grass in your lawn. Cool season grasses like Creeping Bentgrass and Kentucky Bluegrass, which are common in the state of New Jersey, can be cut higher – 3.5 inches, for example.


The edging of your beds is a service that we recommend becomes a part of your maintenance. One of the benefits that edging can provide comes in the form of overgrowth protection, as it keeps the grass of your lawn from growing into your landscaping beds, just as it also prevents any flowers or shrubs that you may have planted from growing into your lawn.

And, of course, there are aesthetic benefits. Edging helps to give a neat and well-kept appearance to your yard. Our service provides a nice, sharp border to your lawn along driveways, sidewalks, and other hardscaping elements.

String Trimming

We use commercial-strength string trimmers to cut hard-to-reach areas that a mower can't typically reach, such as the base of trees, along fences, and along the side of the house.

Trimming of Shrubs & Hedges

Trimming provides an immediate aesthetic benefit to your landscaping, by giving your shrubs and hedges a manicured look. Trimming involves shaping and sizing your small trees, hedges, and shrubs.

Just as mowing your lawn to a consistent height maintains the health of your lawn, trimming provides a similar benefit to your hedges and shrubs. Sunlight can be absorbed better and water can reach the roots of your shrubs more easily, thereby providing better nourishment.

By performing our trimming service, which includes the removal of overgrown branches, we help to ensure that your shrubs, small trees, and hedges remain healthy by allowing thicker growth and reducing insect infestation and disease.


Once established, weeds not only become an eyesore, but they also can begin to suffocate the other plants in your landscaping beds. In fact, weeds can be persistent enough to even work their way through mulch! Keep your landscaping bed free of weeds and looking its best, by taking advantage of our weeding services.

Keeping your yard and landscaping beds well maintained, healthy, and weed-free helps to avoid erosion and topsoil run-off.

Call us to get onto the path of a neater, healthier lawn.

Homeowners around the New Jersey area, including Westfield, Cranford, and Scotch Plains, can contact us for a free estimate. Our goal is to keep your lawn and landscaping looking neat, clean, and well-manicured, while also helping to promote good health and growth. Give us a call at +1 732-319-9990 to find out more about our mowing and maintenance services.

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