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Green and lush front lawn around Westfield and Cranford, NJ

Westfield and Cranford Lawn Care Company

We provide weed control, fertilization, and aeration services your lawn needs to stay green and lush during the growing season, while remaining resilient and healthy during its dormancy in the winter. We work with commercial and residential properties around the Westfield and Cranford, NJ area.

Our lawn care service puts the residents around Westfield and Cranford, NJ on the path to greener and healthier lawns.

Affordable lawn care that includes, weed control, aeration, seeding, and more!

We believe in providing excellent and affordable services that will improve the overall health and wellness of your lawn and landscaping. At Greenscapes Landscape Management, you receive quality services from licensed professionals for residences and businesses in Westfield and Cranford, NJ.

We have different lawn packages to choose from! Our basic lawn care programs include:

  • Aeration
  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Seeding & Sod
  • Lawn Repair & Installation

You can request a free estimate at any time from us by calling +1 732-319-9990 and talking to a lawn care specialist today!

Lawn after aeration service at Westfield and Cranford, NJ home.

Core Aeration

Lawn aeration is crucial to having healthy and sustainable grass in your yard. We provide aerating services using a tool that punches holes into the ground and removes the resulting plugs of soil. This helps your lawn gain access to nutrients, water, and oxygen while creating a layer of organic soil on top with the removed plugs.

Core aerating your lawn will result in thicker, greener, and healthier lawns that better absorb nutrients. In New Jersey, where cool-season grasses dominate, aerating is done during early spring or fall to allow time for the grass to heal before extreme hot or cold temperatures creep in and take over.

Thick green and healthy lawn from fertilization done by Greenscapes Landscape Management around Westfield and Cranford, NJ


In New Jersey, the winter season threatens the sustainability of your grass. We follow a typical six-stage fertilization program from spring to fall, with our last treatment intended to help your grassroots store nutrients for spring throughout their winter dormancy.

Our fertilizers are slow-release or organic fertilizers made with a specialized blend of Nitrogen, Iron, Phosphorus, and Potassium. We recognize the importance of using quality fertilizer to protect the health and growth of your grass. The fertilizers that we use are specifically blended to give your lawn all the nutrients it needs to promote green, healthy blades.

Properly done weed control for a home around Westfield and Cranford, NJ by Greenscapes Landscape Management

Weed Control

Keep weeds from getting out of control all year long! To start on the right foot, during early to mid-March, we treat your lawn with pre-emergent herbicides. Pre-emergent herbicides, when applied at the right time, keep crabgrass and other aggressive weeds from germinating. Throughout the summer, we treat lawns carefully with post-emergent herbicides as needed. Regularly treated and mowed lawns will keep weeds from emerging and leave a healthy, green lawn behind! Some of the most common weeds we treat for are crabgrass, dandelions, and foxtail.

Westfield and Cranford, NJ property with overseeding done by Greenscapes Landscape Management

Seeding & Sod Services

Our seeding and sod services help rejuvenate a dead lawn, grow a new lawn, or fill in bare spots. We offer slit-seeding, overseeding, and sod services in and around the Westfield and Cranford area.


Overseeding is a great option for renovating a patchy lawn or thickening a sparse lawn. The best time for overseeding is after aeration services so that seed can get deep into the soil in holes left by the aerating process. After seeding your soil, light is frequent watering is needed to ensure your new grass is rooted.


We perform slit-seeding by using a lawn machine that creates small slits, or grooves, into the ground for the seed to enter the soil easily. This is performed in parallel lines, similar to lawn mowing, and then again in perpendicular lines. This method ensures the seeds fully cover your lawn. As with any new grass seeds, water the lawn right afterward and daily until the new grass is well established.

Sod Installation

Sod is an immediate answer to acquiring a new lawn! We install sod during spring or fall for best results. If required, we can install sod during warmer conditions, but more water will be necessary to ensure the sod grows well. Similar to seeding, sod must be watered immediately after installation and daily for a few weeks after to make sure the new grass grows roots into the soil.

What are some benefits of sod installation? Your property can benefit in a number of ways when you choose to install new sod:

  • Sod reduces problems with pests.
  • Sod replenishes groundwater.
  • Sod absorbs more rainwater than seed in the years to follow.

Maintain & Repair Your Lawn Today!

At Greenscapes Landscape Management, we provide all the lawn care services you need to both maintain and repair your lawn. Whether you need partial or spot repairs or need a full lawn installed, you can rely on our professional and affordable services. Contact us at +1 732-319-9990 and get an estimate for lawn care services today! We proudly serve businesses and residential areas in the New Jersey regions including Westfield, Cranford, and Scotch Plains.

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