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Backyard garden with professional landscaping service around Newark, NJ

Westfield and Cranford Landscaping Company

Elevate your landscape with professional landscaping design and installation. We realize your vision by using proportioning, symmetrical balance, and other landscaping design fundamentals. We work with commercial and residential properties around the Westfield and Cranford, NJ area.

We help homeowners in Westfield and Cranford, NJ design and install landscaping elements.

Our landscaping service includes consultation, custom design work, and installation.

Landscaping design is a blend of science and art that we take seriously. Your home value can rise dramatically when time and effort are put into a stunning landscape design. We use our experience and creativity to provide each homeowner with customized landscaping, based on a comprehensive approach that consists of a planning stage and an installation stage.

Home around Westfield and Cranford, NJ that is being designed and installed.

The Planning Stage

Before we begin installing your landscape, we have a consultation and planning session. We know you have ideas about your dream yard and we want to bring that to life. Our landscaping professionals take into account the characteristics of the space, structures, and natural surroundings involved to help create a design you will love for years to come.

Design Principles

Creating an aesthetically pleasing design starts with producing drawings that lay out the entire landscape project. We utilize well-established concepts, such as symmetrical and asymmetrical balance, creating a strong focal point, and proportion to create a finished product that is unified. These simple design principles pave the way for a look that uses a variety of elements, including mulch, plants, and flowers, to create an eye-catching design.

Choosing Your Materials

We work with our customers to determine plants and ground covering that both reflect the natural surroundings of Westfield and Cranford, NJ, and represent their personal taste. After drawings are made and approved, we complete your contract and set up an installation date for your new landscaping design.

Landscaping in the process of being installed for a homeowner around Westfield and Cranford, NJ

The Installation Stage

We design and install all of our landscaping projects. Our crew shows up ready to work on your project with all the necessary materials. First, we remove your existing landscaping and prepare your yard. We then shape your new landscaping beds and create the foundation for your design.

After your landscaping beds are ready and installed, we lay out all the pre-selected plants, shrubs, and bushes for planting. After planting is complete, we fill in all the remaining landscaping areas with a thick, 2-4" layer of your selected mulch.

Some of the most popular forms of mulch used in New Jersey are Cedar mulch, Hemlock mulch, double-ground hardwood mulch, and dyed mulch in red, black, or brown.

As each landscaping element of the design has been properly installed and inspected, our crew cleans up the area to display your completed landscape.

Annual flowers planted in landscaping that contains black mulch for a resident around Westfield and Cranford, NJ

Annual Flower Planting

Add accent and color to your landscaping design with annual flowers. We supply a variety of bright and bold blooms that bring vibrancy and life to your landscaping. Choose from popular flora such as Impatiens, Magnolias, and Zinnias for your property. We plant your blooms in early spring so you can watch them bloom throughout the growing season!

Black mulch installed by Greenscapes Landscape Management for a home around Westfield and Cranford, NJ

Mulch & Rock Installation

Installing mulch is a popular service of ours. Beyond the obvious aesthetic benefits it provides, mulch offers benefits to the health of your landscaping beds as well.

One of the benefits of having mulch in your landscaping beds is insulation from excessive heat and cold. Moisture retention is another health benefit, as the roots of your plants are offered some protection from lack of water. Additionally, mulch acts as a weed barrier and assists in keeping weeds from establishing themselves in your landscaping beds, or from progressing from the beds and into your lawn.

There are a few different mulch colors that are available, but the most commonly used in the Westfield and Cranford, NJ area are black or brown. We have some customers who request natural cedar mulch. Other customers, usually playgrounds, schools, or daycares, ask for rubber mulch installation.

Though laying down mulch comprises the majority of our ground cover services, we have a number of customers who prefer to have rocks installed. River rock and red lava rock tend to be favorite requests from these customers.


Bring value and life to your home's exterior!

Schedule your personalized estimate and consultation with us. At Greenscapes Landscape Management, we believe that a well-maintained exterior brings life and beauty to any home. Choose a design that complements your personal style and your home's architecture, by working with our professional landscapers today.

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